Charterhouse Deo Dante Dedi Lodge No 2885 will hold the 84th Public School Lodges' Council Festival at Charterhouse, Surrey on Saturday 3rd June 2017. The Festival is an all day event to which all are welcome. Please Click www.charterhouselodge.org.uk for details.
Alternatively please contact Simon Chen, Secretary@charterhouselodge.org.uk. and Dan O'Brien, danielvadimobrien@gmail.com who are Joint Festival Secretaries.

The first Festival was held at Westminster in 1910 and was followed by Festivals at Charterhouse in 1912, Cheltenham in 1913 and Sherborne in 1914. Festivals did not take place during the First World War, but restarted in 1920 at Clifton. They then occurred annually, until the hostilities of the Second World War forced their suspension until 1957. Please click for Past Festivals. Since then, our Festival has again become an annual event.
The Festival has been planned until 2038 and will be hosted by the Lodges according to the years given in the table below.

Charterhouse Deo Dante Dedi No 28852017
Old Cliftonian No 33402018
Old Pauline No 3969 Centenary2019
Old Tonbridge No 4145 Centenary2020
Old Cheltonian No 32232021
Ardingly College No 4410 Centenary2022
Stowe No 90022023
Old Lancing No 4660 Centenary2024
Old Salopian No 4790 Centenary2025
Old Aldenhamian No 4884 Centenary2026
Old Uppinghamian No 42272027
Cholmeley No 1731 (150 Years)2028
Sir Thomas White No 1820 (150 Years)2029
Old Oundelian No 5682 Centenary2037
Old Tauntonian No 5735 Centenary2038

Registered Charity No 227058
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