LodgeMeeting PlaceMeeting DatesSecretary 
Old Aldenhamian10 Duke Street2nd Wed 1; 1st Wed 3(I); 3rd Wed 6; 10Boon Sin Tanboon@blueyonder.co.uk
Old AlleynianDulwich College1st Fri 4(I); 10; 12; Last Wed 3Ghanem Nuseibehgn@cstoneglobal.com
Ardingly CollegeFreemasons Hall1st Wed 3; 3rd Sat 6; 4th Wed 10(I); 2nd Tues 12Christopher Wilson chriswilsonkempton@hotmail.co.uk
Old BedfordianFreemasons Hall3rd Wed 2(I); 10; 1st Wed 5; 4th Sat 6Dr.Brian Johnsonbjandjmj@btinternet.com
Old BradfieldFreemasons Hall3rd Fri 1; 4; 10(I)Quentin Edwardsquentin@coolsfarm.co.uk
Charterhouse Deo Dante DediThe Charterhouse, London EC13rd Thurs 1;3;5(I);11Simon A Chensecretary@charterhouselodge.org.uk
Old CheltonianFreemasons Hall3rd Mon 2;1st Tues 5(I); 11Henry Petershenry.peters@hotmail.co.uk
Cholmeley LodgeGreat Hall at Barts Hospital1st Mon Feb (I), Nov, Dec, 2nd Mon MayTony Selkustony.selkus@btinternet.com
Christ's HospitalBakers Hall4th Wed 1; 2; 11; 3rd Wed 10 (I)Barry McCurdybarry.mccurdy@me.com
Old CliftonianFreemasons' Hall, Great Queen Street, London, WC2B3rd Thurs 1; 10; 11; 4th Thurs 4(I)John Actonjmacton@spamarrest.com
Old Etonian10 Duke Street2nd Tues 1(I); 1st Tues 5; 2nd Tues 10Alex Maclean Batheramacleanbather@ugle.org.uk
Old FelstedianFreemasons Hall1st Wed 2; 4; 3rd Wed 10(I)Roger Keysrhkeys@btinternet.com
Old GreshamianFreemasons Hall2nd Thurs 1; 3rd Thurs 4; 3rd Fri 6; 4th Thurs 9Ian Barberian.barber@mapartners.co.uk
Old Haileyburian and ISCGreat Queen Street1st Fri 3(I); 3rd Fri 6; Last Sat 9; 2nd Fri 11James Walkerhaileybury3912@hotmail.com
Old HarrovianWax Chandlers Hall2nd Tues 2; 3rd Sat 6;3rd Thurs 11James Skeggssecretary@ohlodge.com
Public Schools Installed MastersFreemasons HallLast workday in Mar(I) Ex Maundy Thurs, OctHoward Norman-Taylorhowardnt@btinternet.com
Old LancingFreemasons Hall4th Tues 1(I); 4; 9Philip G Cookphilg.ck02@sky.com
Old MalvernianMark Masons Hall2nd Tues 1(I); 4th Tues in 4; 2nd Tues in 10Nicholas Engertnicholas@engert.co.uk
Old MarlburianFreemasons Hall3rd Thu 2; 3rd Thu 5(I); 2nd Wed 11Julian R Soperjulian.r.soper@mac.com
Sir Thomas WhiteMark Masons' Hall4th Thurs 2(I); 3; 3rd Thurs 9; 12Richard Wyndham-Smithwyndhamsmith@aol.com
Old OundelianFreemasons Hall4th Thurs 2; 4; 10(I)Howard A Allenoldoundelian5682@gmail.com
Old PaulineSt Paul's School1st Thurs 1; 10; 4th Thurs 3(I); 3rd Wed 7Dr Nigel Youngsecretary@oldpaulinelodge.org.uk
Old RadleianFreemasons Hall2nd Thursday 2,4; 3rd Thursday 6 (I)James W R Fawcettjames.fawcett@gmail.com
Old ReptonianFreemasons' HallLast Work day 1; 3rd Wed 6(I); 2nd Sat 9Mark R. Nortonsecretary@orl.org.uk
Old RossalianFreemasons Hall2nd Fri 1; 4; 1st Fri 9(I)John C Adamjohncadam@hotmail.com
Old RugbeianFreemasons' Hall4th Mon 3; 4; 10; 11(I)Hugo Toby Birchhugobirch@yahoo.com
Old SalopianCity University Club4th Tues 2; 4th Wed 9; 4th Tues 11(I)Chris Williamschrisjhwilliams@yahoo.co.uk
PSLC  Mark Nortonsecretary@pslc.org.uk
Old ShirburnianFreemasons' Hall3rd Tue Feb (Inst); 3rd Sat June; 4th Tue OctRobin Pricertbprice@gmail.com
Stowe10 Duke Street3rd Tues 2; 6; 11(I)Ian BendellIanbendell@hotmail.com
Old TauntonianFreemasons Hall1st Fri 2; 3; 10(I); 12Graham Bowermangraham.bowerman@gmail.com
Old TonbridgianCivil Service Club2nd Thurs 9(I), 3 & 6; 3rd Thurs 10Michael Khajeh-Noorimkhajehnoori@yahoo.co.uk
Old UppinghamianFreemasons' Hall Great Queen St. 2nd Tues JAN, 2nd Tues APRIL, 2nd Tues NOV Nic Merrettmerrettns@gmail.com
Old WellingtonianFreemasons Hall2nd Thurs 2; 10(I); 2nd Tues 11, 1st Sat 5Rory Shackletonsecretary@owl3404.org
Old WestminstersWestminster School3rd Thurs 2: 2nd Thurs 4(I); 4th Thurs 5;10 sec@oldwestminsterslodge.org
Old Wykehamist10 Duke Street1st Thurs 1; 11(I); 3rd Thurs 5Secretaryowl3548@gmail.com

Registered Charity No 227058
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